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A MUST READ! 3 Things Lil Frosh Can Do To Save His Career

Overview Of: A MUST READ! 3 Things Lil Frosh Can Do To Save His Career


While it looks likely on all fronts Lil Frosh might have destroyed his career all by himself, his career and public image can still be salvaged.

The last 48 hours would have been crazy for Lil Frosh. Picturing his state of mind right now is unimaginable.

For the first time, the public got to know of the dirty and stupid things you did to your girlfriend. That alone is embarrassing as it affects your public image as an artist. Secondly, watching your music career crumble by having your contract terminated. Bruh.

If you’re thinking Lil Frosh’s career is over, you’re right. But didn’t we say that about Tory Lanez who shot Megan Thee Stallion months back?

So how can Lil Frosh get out of this mess and reposition his career.

1. Apologize Publicly

This is the time to be remorseful. Play to the emotions of people. Issue a press release on every blog and newspaper. Go to your girlfriend’s house and prostrate to the parents and release the video on all social media platforms. Show to the public it was the devil in you and this time you’re truly sorry.

For sure, this won’t work and get many on board. This won’t placate the army of angry feminists and menaskum propagandists. And this won’t endear you to your industry contacts who now have you in their bad books.

If this doesn’t work, the second step will.

2. Submit To Undergo Trial

Now this is risky as on all counts, Lil Frosh is guilty if he’s prosecuted at the court of law. With Gift, the girlfriend threatening to get justice for all Lil Frosh has done to her, it’s ethical and will calm down the feelings of people if Lil Frosh were to submit himself for trial.

Now he would be prosecuted, perhaps remanded in prison but for sure the goal is to show people he’s truly remorseful.

Now, news of his trials and him crying in courts would get people emotional. It would be nice to see him addressing the press in tears and saying “Gift, I’m sorry, that I won’t do it again”.

What will follow will be hashtags #FreeLilFroshand of course if his lawyer is good and prove to the judge his client has changed and is sorry for what he’s done, he’ll get out of prison.

When he comes out of prison, arrange a press conference where he again apologizes to Gift and to the public and further restate your change in attitude.

This will lead us to the next step.

3. Release an album and create a movement, No To Women Violence

If Vybz Kartel can be in prison and still be doling out tracks after tracks, Lil Frosh should have spent much of his time writing few songs and preparing his next move.

Because J Hus got out prison and his music was still accepted. XXXTENTACION also achieved the same goal.

And now that public attention is on you, drop a project with the title “Gift” and the picture of your girlfriend (now your ex) as the artwork.

Few of these songs will have you singing about your girlfriend and how much you love her and also spotlighting domestic violence and your ordeals in prison.

Lastly, as part of the rollout plan for the release of the album Gift, you’ll lead a walk against domestic violence with the theme “Say No To Women Violence”. You’ll call up Ozzy Etomi and a couple of feminists to lead the walk with you.

Also, you’ll visit some women centric organizations and donate to help in alleviating problems affecting women in our society.

After doing all these, Lil Frosh, public perception of you as a demon would have washed off. Your colleagues will accept you back into the fold. The spirits of these women feminists will forgive you. Your comment section on Instagram will be clean and free of hate. Gift might even accept you back.

Because to be honest, taking these steps is better than keeping quiet and taking no action. It would save your career from the depressing and negative state it is now.

So guys,

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