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EDO 2020: Why Ize-Iyamu Cannot he Trusted, Oshiomole’s Grip and Obaseki’s Re-election Debacle
By on May 3rd, 2020. News

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The rather wide spread conflict between the executive governor of Edo state Mr. Godwin Obaseki and the immediate past governor and National chairman of APC, Mr. Adams Oshiomole has received a lot of attention nationwide. One of the many reasons for the disagreement is the reelection bid of the incumbent governor who Oshiomole and his supporters have deemed undeserving of a second term.

Many however have seen this conflict as a godfather to godson relationship breakdown and the acrimony has been violent and bitter. Consequently, allegations and counter allegations of the use of political thugs on both sides have been reported especially that of Saturday 22nd of February where thugs allegedly sent by the state governor attacked and disrupted the visit of the national chairman of APC to Benin. However, with the recent legal battle and suspension of Oshiomole as Chairman of the Party and his consequent reconciliation move, one can only wonder what the future holds for Obaseki and his followers.

Will comrade Adams Oshiomole support and back Obaseki for the second term he and his supporters vehemently kicked against? Will Obaseki shelve his reelection bid or will he assert himself on his opposition? Will he escape Ambode’s fate at the APC primaries? Only posterity can answer these questions. One thing is certain though, Obaseki may be playing a dangerous game he cannot win. With the report of anointed candidates and perfect matches for Obaseki’s replacement, his days as governor of Edo state may be numbered.

The big question is who are the anointed candidates? Does their political history suggests better alternative to the incumbent governor or is it just another case of bittered godfather replacing an erring godson to his selfish benefit?

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EDO 2020: Why Ize-Iyamu Cannot he Trusted, Oshiomole’s Grip and Obaseki’s Re-election Debacle 4


Ize-Iyamu was the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2016 Edo governorship election won by Obaseki with the help of Adams Oshiomole. His move from PDP to APC in 2019 created tension for Obaseki and his supporters as news of the national chairman’s backing emerged. He has been widely referred to as the anointed one to replace Obaseki and one can only wonder why he fell out with Oshiomole after his reelection in 2014 and consequently moved to the opposition to contest the 2016 election.

His recent probe and trial on financial malpractices and controversies surrounding his involvement in Igbenedion’s government and subsequent move from PDP to ACN in 2007 lay credence to his fragile political ideology and general stand as an individual. Seems he is only after his selfish interests.

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EDO 2020: Why Ize-Iyamu Cannot he Trusted, Oshiomole’s Grip and Obaseki’s Re-election Debacle 5


The current ordeal facing Governor Obaseki is similar to what Ambode faced in the last Lagos governorship election where he went against the high powers to seek reelection only to fail woefully. How will Obaseki avoid such fate in 2020 Edo election? With the top politicians and APC chieftains clearly not in the same page as Obaseki, it is almost an impossible task getting a reelection. However, he must understudy the incumbent governor of Sokoto state and how he overcame his adversaries in 2019 elections. One thing is certain though this may be his greatest mistake in his nascent political career.

Do you think Obaseki can outsmart his oppositions and win the forthcoming governorship election?

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