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!!GBAJUMOBASE DISCUSSION!! This Is Why I Will Never Marry Someone Like My Mother
By on June 1st, 2020. Today Inspiration

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For me I wouldn’t try it, I can never marry someone like my mom. If I try that I would end up in an asylum.

She is a good mother, though not perfect (nobody is).

Some of my reasons are:

Nagging (like the neigbours can narrate everything happening in our house if asked)

Involving strangers in family issues (like she says everything)

She can’t ever take the blame for anything (blames everyone for her woes, and she is never wrong)

She wants to collect back every single penny she spends in the house (which is impossible)

Incites the children against their father (never realized this until I grew up and started thinking like a man, and honestly, I’m sorry for all the ways I have acted to my dad, though my own is still fair, my siblings have complete disregard for their father)

Other things to that I can’t mention here (makes me feel ashamed.

I realized all these when I started looking at everything from the lens of a struggling husband and father, and I’m still contemplating if marriage is worth it, after all, I might as well stay single…. (I only date and break up with girls in my mind, Lol) cos I don’t think its worth all the stress.

Growing up in a broken, dysfunctional home is hard (sighs).

I wouldn’t put all the blame on my Mom but I have resolved not to imbibe my dad’s bad habits too (I can’t even drink 1% alcohol not because I can’t or it’s bad, but I run away from it when I think of the things dad would have achieved if he were not addicted to it)

Sorry for the long post.

Can You Marry Someone Like Your Mom/Dad?

Your Opinions Are Welcome.

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